kali ashura


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Kali Ashura was ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Science from the National Spiritual Science Center, Washington DC in June 2015. Upon ordination, she served as a Senior Associate Minister at InnerLight Ministries, UCC. Along with several coaching certifications, she holds a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Creativity and Innovation and a Creative Expressions Certificate from Sofia University where she is currently enrolled in the Global PhD Transpersonal Psychology program. Her dissertation research explores the affect of BDSM on the embodiment of the superwoman role for African American women.

Kali Ashura blends her spiritual and creative background with her personal journey towards sexual and spiritual freedom to guide and support individuals in authentically and unapologetically experiencing the full embodiment of their sensual, sexual, and spiritual nature.


Kali Ashura


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If you truly want to know and understand the spirit of a woman, breath in the essence of her vagina. This is where her soul channels divine energies, cultivates self-expansion, and creates legacies.

The following is an excerpt from "The Interview". An intimate conversation with Madam K,  Kali Ashura's vagina.

"The Interview"

When do you feel most connect to your person?

I feel most connected when I feel the throbbing of my heartbeat. When the tingling sensation from soft erotic kisses pierces through my veins. When my body is free to quiver in full bliss from connecting with another person.

How did you get so strong?

There came a point in my life when my desired to experience passion and pleasure was greater than the pain and loneliness I was experiencing. I was TIRED. Enough was enough. I gradually did the healing work to begin trusting trust myself and stand in my power.

When do you feel most empowered?

I am most empowered when my breathing is not restricted or constricted. All praises to going commando.

When do you feel least empowered?

I feel least empowered when I'm ignored and not handled correctly. Most men think penetration is the most satisfying for me and that it is all I need. They don't understand that soft kisses and touch can take me to orgasm.

What scent best characterizes you and why?

The scent of roses - soft, delightful, earthy, elegant. Can be intense when inhaled in large quantities.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position is being on top, specifically Cowgirl style. Admittedly it is sometimes the scariest because it is the most vulnerable position for me; and the ecstasy and freedom experienced is impalpable.

What last words do you have for women and men?


Be Wet & Worthy of Worship