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©2019 by Kali Ashura

Elevating You to A Deeper Level of Intimacy

SINsually, SEXsually & SPIRITually

R. I. S. E

The Queendom is not reserved for the elite; acts of self-care are not forbidden acts of selfishness; your sensuality and sexuality are not sinful; and your gift of insight is not contingent upon your physical reality.

R.I.S.E. is a four week creative workshop that uses the SoulCollege® process to explore the four aspects of womanhood required for women to unlock their feminine power and live their life with ease, grace, and elegance.

The Boudoir

The Boudoir is your intimate sacred sanctuary where the art of adoration and adornment, self pleasure, and erotica become your keys for unlocking your feminine power. The space where surrender meets seduction, release invites the art of receiving, and authentic expression calls forth passionate and joyful experiences (manifestations).

Click here for the Boudoir Manifesto

Naked & Unashamed

Our bodies contain an unspoken narrative of our truth. Naked and Unashamed creates space for women to still themselves, breathe, listen, and summon their truth.


About Me

Kali Ashura guides women in living what she terms "the unknown" – aspects of herself she desires to experience and has not yet allowed herself to express due to familial, societal, cultural and other external conditioning.  Her coaching, courses, and talks support women in dispelling the illusions that keep them in mental, emotional,  spiritual, and physical bondage and living in fear. She blends creativity and intimacy in guiding women in the exploring, expressing, and experiencing their spirituality - feminine power.


Kali Ashura is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Science from the National Spiritual Science Center, Washington DC. Along with several coaching certifications, she also holds a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Creativity and Innovation and Creative Expressions Certificate from Sofia University where she is currently enrolled in the Global PhD Transpersonal Psychology program.


The Boudoir Manifesto

Live under the governance of your heart for this is the home of your Spirit.

Release the story and live your truth.

Know that you created every experience to demonstrate and experience in love the truth of who you are as an expression of the Divine.

Trust that you will glow through every experience.

Embrace the sweet seduction of surrender. Allow yourself to "BE". This is the gateway to receiving the bountiful blessings of your birthright.

Your intuition is your guide. Faith is the knowing that your steps are ordered. Trust is the knowing that you will stand.

Remember to breath. This is the first step of creation.

Live from and in your sexuality and your sensuality. It is the essence and foundation of your spirituality.

Every moment is a new creation. Be Mindful. Be Present. Be Thankful.


Kali Ashura